Which Record Player Brand Is Best For The Casual Listener?

vinylOther than that, you also have the Pioneer turntables. The Pioneer brand of record players is well known among club DJs because of their backspin capability. It doesn’t look as good as say the Innovative Technology turntable, but it’s close. Without built-in stereo speakers though, you’ll have to spend a little extra time and money to purchase one.

The Innovative Technology turntable is very similar to the Crosley turntables in the sense that it looks like it’s built within a suitcase. It’s just as portable as the Crosley versions, but with the additional advantage of being able to play all 3 speeds of a record album, specifically 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM. It also as a little handle so you can carry it around like a mini suitcase (really cool, in my humble opinion). The pros of this particular record player include the fact that it has a Bluetooth function, which means that you can actually link it to your smartphone and play music directly from it. Of course, because of all its fancy additives, the quality of the sound is a little underwhelming compared to Audio Technica turntables. But hey, with an average price of $150, this beats Audio Technica turntables any day.